About US

About US

Maestro Architects Limited is a firm of enthusiastic and energized young professionals whose specialty is unique residential houses, apartments, schools, hotels, offices and institutional buildings where proportion, function, form and technology come together.

Bicor-Plaza-Bujumbura-Burundi - Maestro Architects.

Maestro Architects Ltd is currently providing Architectural Design services to major corporates and public agencies and individual clients.

Whether for a new construction, building modification, renovation or repair, we have the skills to identify and resolve technical challenges. We provide innovative and cutting edge cost reduction solutions in the spheres of project management, cost planning and control, and financial advisory services on procurement of development funds, the aim being to save our clients money while maintaining the highest standards of excellence.

All our design solutions utilize state of the art technology.

Low cost housing solutions form part of our contribution to the national housing stock.

Our two directors Arch. Charles Ogeto and Arch Kimathi Itaru are members of various professional organizations and are supported by a highly motivated staff who undertake continuous inhouse and off-site training to keep abreast with changing trends and technology.